Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coping With Breakup Songs

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Coping With Breakup Songs

By: Ken Dinino

Learning to cope with break up songs can be difficult. When we are connected to our partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, etc..though music it can be especially hard. Though running away from music altogether is not the answer either. Music is the key to the soul. We often feel music deep in ourselves and when we are close to someone it is difficult to separate the music from them. Old memories can come flooding back when we hear a simple note of a song. Giving the songs new memories can be one way of coping with the music and our hearts.

Sometimes listening to the music anyway can help us move passed the break up sooner. At first it is difficult but connecting with the music and dealing with the feelings right away instead of pushing them deep inside can help you better cope with the feelings you are having. Hitting the feelings head on can bring out many emotions so having a strong support system is wise before this is attempted.

Below are some things you can do to ease the pain of break up songs:

Tip 1: Listen to them with friends: Listening to the songs with your friends can give you a bit of extra emotional support. Not being alone at this time can ease the pain of the music and help you create new memories as well.

Tip 2: Think of something else: if you try and take your mind off the song as it plays. Thinking of happy memories while the song is playing each time you hear it you can get passed it. Though you still hear it this can ease your pain as well.

Tip 3: Sing: Singing it can help you connect to your feelings about the songs. Music is the key to the soul and it will help you bring out your feelings and after a while it won't hurt as much.

Though the pain will never go completely away it will get better. Remember that you do have help and you will get passed it. However hiding from the pain will not make it go away. Face it head on and acknowledge your pain, give it the time it needs to subside and you will be a stronger person for it!

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