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Fighting Hair Loss With Provillus

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Fighting Hair Loss With Provillus

By: ReviewMedic

Although perhaps not desirable, hair loss is quite normal. There are many reasons why a person can lose hair but the problem is extremely common an untold millions of people are affected by it worldwide. Alopecia is the general medical term for hair loss of any type. Androgenic Alopecia may not be a term you have heard but it accounts for nearly ninety five out of one hundred cases of hair loss in men; it is usually referred to as Androgenic Alopecia, and it's hereditary.

Moderate hair loss on the other hand which is obviously rarer may simply be a matter of adjusting your diet. The reason for your condition may be at your work place if you deal with chemicals or cosmetics but some others may as a consequence of personal situations such as stress, mental tension or a hormonal imbalance. Permanent loss usually occurs when the hair follicles themselves are damaged. Surprisingly, women account for nearly 4 in every 10 sufferers in America today; so it is not, as commonly thought, a male problem.

The main difference between the sexes is that women will more than likely lose their hair later in life and it is often attributable to thyroid problems. By the time they reach sixty, forty percent of women around the world will have experienced loss of some form or another. During and after a pregnancy is another time when women may experience a hair loss problem. If you always thought that patterned hereditary baldness was a male problem then you will be surprised to learn that in America approximately 30 million women also suffer from this condition.

A relatively new treatment is to surgically restore hair for sufferers of permanent hair loss. It involves the process of transplanting hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another. Today hair transplant surgical hair restoration is an out-patient procedure requiring only local anesthesia and is becoming one of the most popular procedures for men today. Many women are now deciding on hair transplant surgery as a method to hide scarring cause by facelifts for example.

Remember that the best outcome of hair restoration is to restore your appearance insofar as possible, not change it to make you look like someone else. Existing medical conditions could cause problems so these must be sorted out before any hair transplant treatment is considered. Hair restoration therapy comes under the general umbrella of cosmetic surgery but aspects of it are completely different form other cosmetic treatments. New hair restoration techniques are being discovered all the time but if you have not found success then perhaps hair transplant therapy might be your only course of action for your hair loss.

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