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How to chose a great Antiaging skin cream and avoid the harmful ones

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How to chose a great Antiaging skin cream and avoid the harmful ones

Before you buy an antiaging skin cream, you might want to do a little research. Would you rather buy something that contains high quality ingredients or has a celebrity’s name on the bottle? Would you rather buy something from a fashion designer or a manufacturer that specializes in health care products? Would you rather pay more or get more for your money? We want to help you make the right choices.

Manufacturers have many choices to make. They can either spend their budget on researching and developing effective ingredients or they can hire a celebrity to endorse their products. If you have seen the antiaging skin cream that you are thinking of buying on TV, then the price is higher because the manufacturer has to cover the advertising expenses.

You have to remember that celebrities and actors are paid to endorse products. What you are hearing is not a consumer testimonial but a rehearsed speech. We are prone to trust the entertainers that we admire and respect, but we have to at least try to take what they say with a grain of salt.

Fashion designers have gotten into the antiaging skin cream business. It might seem logical, since their names are used on perfumes and other cosmetics. But, once again, it is just their name that is being used. They are well known in the fashion industry. You like their clothing designs. You respect their names. It’s all a marketing ploy. The designers have little or nothing to do with the creation of the products. They probably do not even know what’s in them.

There is an antiaging skin cream that contains high quality ingredients, but you won’t see it on TV or in the newspaper. Famous people are not promoting it and it has no designer name on the label. Some people may think that a designer name is important. Most of us would rather have an effective product.

Most anti-aging products contain very low concentrations of active ingredients, if they contain any at all. Companies had artificial fragrances, preservatives and other chemicals that are bad for the skin and the body in general.

Everything that you put on your face eventually ends up in your blood stream. So, you may as well be eating it. It is worth your time to look for an antiaging skin cream that is pure enough to eat.

The idea of using poisons and chemicals to repair the damage done by nature is ridiculous. But, that’s what botox is…a poison. It was developed for use in biological warfare. Anything that claims to “erase” wrinkles contains some sort of irritant that causes temporary inflammation.

What makes sense is to nourish the skin in the same way that you would nourish the rest of your body. Vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant extracts, natural oils and proteins supports your body’s ability to repair and resist the damage that can be done by the sun, the wind, the air and pollution. Only one antiaging skin cream that we know of was researched and developed with “health” in mind. It’s really the only one worth buying.

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