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Child weight loss - overweight children - childhood obesity - child obesity - How to prevent it?

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child weight loss - overweight children - childhood obesity - child obesity - How to prevent it?

overweight children - childhood obesity - child weight loss - child obesity - How to prevent it?

In recent times, the growing problems of overweight among children has reached worrying levels. Consistently we see cases of overweight and obesity in young children and so far, despite the abundance of tips and various specialists have published in this regard, it appears that the problem goes beyond the traditional solution options that we offer.

Why does this happen? Maybe because you are not attacking the root cause of the problem of childhood obesity: eating habits and customs of their parents. It seems obvious to say, but parents are solely responsible for overweight children. Variables such as hereditary factors, lack of physical activity, anxiety, etc., Are following the customs and habits that parents, often without realizing it, imposed on the development of their children.

The best solution to prevent a child reaches the first 5 years of her life with problems is overweight, even if it seems exaggerated, used from the outset not to eat large amounts of fat, sugar, etc.. The eating habits of our families come in some cases to the end of the first over-flavored meals for babies and that creates a custom in which the infant over the years will lead to huge intake of sweets, fried foods, etc.. under the slogan of the child to accept only those foods that you know something. " In this way, parents created the child is habitually consume the main triggers of any human being overweight.

On the other hand, we must consider the importance of the example in terms of children's diets. Many cases of childhood obesity specialists and advisers related to inheritance, are actually the product of the repetition of what we see in the small house. OK overweight effect of heredity is to give the "inevitable." But if instead, we understand that all children learn by observing what their parents do, we will be much clearer we can prevent overweight children, only requires parents to leave their bad habits and worry about them good examples to their children.

Finally, new forms of food, loaded with saturated fats, chemical elements and little nutritional value is now a problem in maintaining the weight of the small and the phenomenon of sedentary children. It is necessary to restore physical activity in children, in an era in which they have left to spend hours exercising in front of a computer or a video game.

Another important aspect, which is already working in some schools is the monitoring and advice for teachers on the subject of snacks for their students. The school is one of the crucial in the formation of eating habits. Children who have a healthy lunch box dominated the fruit, boiled eggs, etc., Has better chances of maintaining an appropriate weight, but if this is not standardized, will meet with fellow leading candy, juice boxes, etc.., he definitely will call more attention.

Being overweight is a public health problem that exposes children who suffer not only physical ailments but also to severe psychological problems, self-esteem and self-control.

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