Monday, January 26, 2009

DirectX 11 - DirectX11 for Windows XP

Posted by shah shahid

DirectX 11 - DirectX11 for Windows XP

The DirectX 10 and DirectX 10.1 was launched and Microsoft have announced the launch of the next version, DirectX 11 for this year.

DirectX 11 is already available in Windows 7 beta and is widely used by players, architects, designers and others who use programs that need resources and graphics accelerators.

The new version of DirectX, make more efficient the latest graphics cards and improve the special effects and light.

See the news:

* Improvements in the exploitation of several nuclei of current graphics cards and the cards in SLI mainly.
* Support for tessellation, a feature used by developers of games that softens the models when viewed up close, focused.
* Possibility of games use the controller of the video cards, which is increasingly fast and efficient, relieving the computer processor of some more advanced tasks.
* Possible use of graphics processors for the tasks that are not only 3D, how to unzip a file. Zip, for example, where the processing of graphics cards are faster than the CPU.

For those who want to use the DirectX 11, you must use the Windows 7 beta then wait for SP2 or Windows Vista.

There is also no provision for release of DirectX11 for Windows XP.
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