Monday, January 26, 2009

Internet On Digital Television - Internet TV

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Internet On Digital Television - Internet TV

With digital TV is the little "entering" in all homes and with the resources that this technology offers, large companies such as Yahoo! lost no time and are already preparing the Internet for digital television.

With it will be possible to watch the YouTube videos, view your profile on MySpace, Facebook, Orkut and other services relationships, access your e-mails, update your Twitter or blog, play your games, read your newspaper and many more. All directly by the TV!

internet on television

The new Yahoo! is developing along with the major manufacturers of high-definition TV, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony and Vizio junction for the content of TV and the Internet.

Currently being developed are already 20 applications produced by companies YouTube, eBay, Twitter, CBS, Amazon and The New York Times. And the expectation is that this number will increase to 50 by June of 2009.

One example of how this system will work and implementation is on MySpace, where you can send and receive messages through your television as it is informed of updates from your friends profile. You can also seek new friends, photos, profiles, etc..

And with the new technology being developed by Yahoo! the publicity could gain a new way to reach more consumers and will be a new way of selling advertising.

The equipment should arrive in the second quarter of this year. You wait and see.
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