Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bing.com - Microsoft's New Live Search Engine

Posted by shah shahid

Bing.com - Microsoft's new live search engine Search system


As promised Microsoft has lunched a new and re branded version of its Live Search system. Now one can help itself in searching in this new search system. Microsoft has spend a whooping $80-$100m on its promotion. It was been used by Microsoft's staff for many months under a different name: Kumo.

Its available to us from today June 2 2009, not to be mentioned my birthday.

Happy Birth to me and Bing.com

This new search engine has many number of innovative features, the most interesting according to Microsoft is the Explorer pane on the left hand side of its navigation. When search is been done, the Explorer pane finds results for related searches. As this would be Helping hands for new searchers who aren't adept at querying search engines.

Microsoft has also introduced MSN Calender to make it more real and smarter. For example, Bing.com will show you different results if you search for Cricket during the IPL season or Oscars during the film festival than if you search for the same terms at Christmas.

For phone number searches it has designed keeping people innovative search skill in mind, also for travels and hotels search or any airline search you may find a good search as many hotel site shows.

Its not showing ads right now as the Microsoft UK's Paul Stoddart said "Let's not force ads down people's throats all the time".

So people get ready for some Competition :)
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