Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Edit SWF Files?

Posted by shah shahid

How To Edit SWF Files?

Here is the answer how one can Edit SWF Files.

A user cannot directly edit a SWFfile. Even though a user having a decompiler, but there exist some capabilities. The thing which also matters is "What a user trying to edit". The problem with the decomiters are, they fails to decompile the action script. The other decompilers to not keep tweens, what they do is, they turn them into frame by frame animation.

Also, for etiting a flash, SWF file, a user must have a original decompiler (Fla).

Once you have the original version of fla, you can edit anything in flash and you no more neededthe decompiler

About SWF file:
Flash SWF editor is one of the leading and quickest fast editor. To create a proffesional flash animation from scratch to edit an existing SWF file, the SWF flash editor has left his big impact.It is also considered as the best flash animation editor so far. The best part of this flash SWF editor is, it is low cost and powerful flash animation software.
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