Saturday, August 29, 2009

1 million free Accessible eBooks in EPUB format: Google lifts the Ban

Posted by shah shahid

1 million free Accessible eBooks in EPUB format: Google lifts the Ban

Google Books is still an invaluable source for finding books, especially in English, providing in addition, if these are on the public domain because its copyright has expired, you get all your text in PDF format.

I am among those who think that electronic books have a great future, but that it is premature. These books are expensive (e.g., the last of Sony worth $ 400) and have very specific functions, and in addition we also encountered the problem of the books themselves: where to buy? There is no catalog as such, at least not in India.

Regarding the latter problem, the giant Google has just taken a blow on the table. It has begun offering a million free e-books, all EPUB format (an alternative to PDF, compatible with almost all readers of the market) and accessible through its Book Search Engine: Google Books.
Now, in this, he also added the EPUB format, which is compatible with many e-book readers like the new Sony Reader, which shall thus have more opportunities to add content.

Within the million books we can find all kinds of titles and of course all categories and themes. Its very simple to download this books, go to Google Book search, search for the book & if the book allows, you will have the download option in the upper right corner.

You can see an example of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson in this link.

Obviously there are many books that are not available for download, which is a shame, because Google does not even offer the possibility of acquiring them. Perhaps, seeing the effort they are putting to create a massive online library is the next step, an electronic book store in Google's hand. And if prices are affordable, make sure that he will succeed.

Also be taken into account the ease (or difficulty) to download books directly from the reader, since currently there are many models that incorporate wireless connectivity. For now it seems to be impossible, since these devices do not incorporate a web browser, although perhaps in the future or unique applications are implemented, why not, a full web browser and take advantage of wireless connectivity (which is already starting to deploy 3G, pretty fast).

Perhaps if Sony is the least interesting, because through its software and offered these books from Google Books, so the search giant has used to enable the download to everyone, adding to the existing PDF format. Anyway, I will not let me do it in PDF, EPUB only. The EPUB format is standard and is best optimized for viewing in e-book readers, enabling better content reformatted to fit the screen size. If only the publishers would decide to distribute their news in this format...
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