Sunday, August 30, 2009

In China Iphone 3GS will Be Sold by China Unicom

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In China Iphone 3GS will Be Sold by China Unicom

China Unicom Done Agreement For three years by selling Apple's iPhone

The second largest mobile phone operator in China is the telecommunications subsidiary of China Unicom. The idea for the communications giant is to begin marketing in Asia Apple's new phone to boost sales that are depleted, after a few days ago there were a fall in its shares.

China Iphone 3GS

The idea is that the company succeeds in making a deal with Apple to sell the new iPhone 3GS with the possibility of expanding the markets for sale of the company is to, as China is one of the powers in terms of consumption technology and is also referred to power cell phone use.

"China Unicom's announcement on Friday ended months of speculation about the partnership with Apple, trying to bring the iPhone to the nearly 700 million mobile subscribers in the country. [...] The company said the launch is expected to take place during the fourth quarter of 2009."

The fact that a team like the iPhone 3G comes to China will obviously that the phone company increase its revenues due to the dependence of the official apparatus of the company. In addition, an agreement would be highly desirable economically since the gains will be felt.
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