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Interest-Based Advertising By Google From Your Computer Cookie

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Interest-Based Advertising By Google From Your Computer Cookie

There is hype in the market about this new advertising system that Google Adsense has reached agreement with some leading providers of Internet advertising, which aims to bring more publicity to the user. Here we have some general descriptions about this system, from how to do it or how to to disable it.

Interest-Based Advertising By Google?

We all know Google Adsense is the best for contextual adverting and we all appreciate it too, that means onlu that ads will be shown to the contextual reader which are contexualy targeted from Google Adwords and the advertisers.

The problem of the contextual ads are that they are often based on the place where the advertising is displayed, but they are useful to the navigator. Did you seen that sometimes you are invited to "invest your money in gold? Or they ask if you will go to heaven?

To solve this problem, a group of companies that offer online advertising services, which includes Google Adsense has come up with the brilliant idea of creating a profile of yourself, using the large number of sites associated with them, and to serve ads on interest of the surfer from an cookie which will be taken from surfers broweser.

What is that Cookie?

It is named as dart cookie. Here the Idea is simple and absurd, thanks to Google's recent acquisition of the company called DoubleClick, which bought a great advertising technology, which uses a cookie, a small text file that is downloaded to your computer every time you see a particular Web page, called DART.

This cookie has the distinction of working only with advertising giant Google, allowing you to track. For some time, for example, has used this cookie to prohibit you see the same ad twice Adsense-though of course not strictly meet-and so enable more ads to show.

Now, in addition, this cookie will have a dual purpose, to make a profile of your interest based on the pages you visit, which are bound to the AdSense network. So if for example, you visits Best Tech Blog For Online Help, then you go to some more technology blogs, and you keep visiting sites that share technology, then Google Adsense will know that what you need to see technology ads and will make a profile that you are a lover of technology.

Wait ... A profile? Is it going against my privacy?

This profile will obviously seem to many that their privacy has been violated. Since the mere fact that someone knows your interests, your likes and knows well who he is, is a calamity. Imagine that Google could probably just use this information for other purposes such as extending the operation of your browser, recalling further that the Google search engine also includes Adsense.

Still, for those skeptics who say this violates your privacy, Google and laws have provisions that there is a way of saying you do not want the profile is done with your daily browsing. This website is to disable the function of creating a profile by clicking "Disable".

If I am editor of Adsense, what should I do?

For the same problem before, AdSense publishers will add to its privacy policies of their websites this new profiling system being used by Google. People Adsense indicates that the edits you make to your privacy page should be:

* Google, as vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site.

* Users can disable the use of the DART cookie across the Google ad and agreeing to the privacy policy of the content network. (You must also insert link).

According to the words of Google, the information collected is not used to personally identify users and non-personally identifiable information is used to display ads based on interests.

Hey! I am a user how do I deactivate my profile?

If you are from those users who care about your privacy, you most likely want the old method of displaying Adsense advertising related to content you are reading and not on your navigation.

To disable the advertising system that is based on the user profile, and prohibit the DART cookie to run roughshod, just go to the Classifieds Manager Preferences and click "Disable".

That same address is also displayed each time a user clicks on the ads google logo to access the information page of advertising from Google Adsense.

More Information Can be found on this Google Adsense Interest-Based Advertising page.
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