Friday, August 28, 2009

Opera Unite - Web browser Become Web Server

Posted by shah shahid

Opera Unite - Web browser Become Web Server

Opera has launched the service Called Opera unite, with which anyone who has installed this browser can easily make his pc into a web server through the browser management. Its A revolution in the browsers because it is so unique and new. In other browsers which do not put batteries, Opera win a battle. The Only point against it that it has only been used by few users. I encourage you to try this easy to use service for all, even the most awkward, for ease of use.

We enter in the world of file sharing to another computer, quickly and easily without having to upload the files to a remote server so that other users can view a web page you created, you share photos, files, chat ... Password privately, publicly or personally.

When one or more users are downloading one file to your computer something that you want to share, will be occupying by your entire connection. Now this will help your entire network to see the download and they can be benefit with it.

I've tried it, and although being new and some refined details with newly added functionality, I can say it's a wonderful service and will open up new ways to share information, multimedia files, and others, including users with minimal knowledge.

You can see this video to understand it better:

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