Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snow Leopard Released Yesterday

Posted by shah shahid

Snow Leopard Released Yesterday

We knew Snow Leopard arrived this week and yesterday was the day chosen by Apple to launch for their users. In many shops today has been possible to find the new version of the operating system, creating even lines at some of them to buy.
One is the inclusion of a malware protection system, with which Apple wants to protect their users from viruses and other specimens that can attack your computer. The number of these not too high, but it is a peace knowing that we are better protected.

Of course, for now, this system only includes a couple of signatures for malware, and only for files you've downloaded through the system applications implementing LSQuarantine, among which are Safari, Mail, Firefox, Thunderbird, iChat and others.
It is hoped that, with future system updates, Apple increased the number of malware signatures of this system to be able to detect more attacks, and is that even though these are scarce prevention is better than cure.

By the way, taking advantage of this launch, our fellow readers can do a review of the different versions of Mac OS X, since the Cheetah was released back in 2001 to the current Snow Leopard.

one could read snow leopard review here.
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