Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Fast Flip - Read Online Stories, Magazines, News

Posted by shah shahid

Google Fast Flip - Read Online Stories, Magazines

Google unveiled an experimental news reader called “Fast Flip” at a conference held on Monday. Fast Flip is supposed to make reading online stories as easy as flipping through a magazine, readers can sort through content based on topics, favourite writers and publications. For now, Fast Flip will only show the first page of a story. Readers who want to continue will have to click through to the publisher’s site, where the display reverts to a traditional Web page.

    More than three dozen publishers, broadcasters and Web-only outlets have agreed to share their content. Unlike Google’s main search page and its news section, publishers providing stories to Fast Flip will get most of the revenue from the ads.

    Fast Flip is the latest step that Google has taken to improve its relations with publishers, who have railed against the company for profiting from their articles without sharing the wealth.

    Google should be able to show lot more ads, with most of the money going to publishers, said Krishna Bharat, the inventor of the search engine’s news section.
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