Thursday, September 10, 2009, Use Google Map To Buy And Develop Millions Of Streets Worldwide

Posted by shah shahid, Use Google Map To Buy And Develop Millions Of Streets Worldwide

Over 1.7 million players logged in to the Monopoly City Streets Web site on the opening day, rendering the site unusable and slow to all but the most dogged users, who tried to grab the best streets in their bid to become virtual property tycoons.

The free game, available online at, uses Google Maps as a limitless extension of the board game, allowing players to buy and develop millions of streets worldwide. Toy company Hasbro, which owns the rights to the title, launched Monopoly Streets on at 11:30 PM, Wednesday, and was hammered by incoming traffic.

“We anticipated an opening rush when we launched the game, but the first few hours have surpassed even our greatest expectations,” the developers wrote on the site’s blog.

The game appears to have a large following in India too. Mumbai city’s skyline is already dotted with virtual skyscrapers, power plants, and hotels, the best streets are already taken just 36 hours since its launch.

Mahapalika Marg, P Dmello Road, Marine lines, and Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, all have owners, with asking prices for these streets over a million in monopoly money. “I just logged in and all prime property in Mumbai is bought out! Just like in real life,” said Jaison Lewis, our resident game-reviewer. “Even Palm Beach road in Navi Mumbai is taken.” he added. The rules are almost the same as the traditional board game; each player is given $3 million in monopoly money on registering, which he can use to build his virtual empire, by buying streets, and then build on the plot to earn extra rent and increase their fortune. “It’s a chance to escape the harsh reality of recession and enjoy building up an empire,” the Sun quoted Hasbro as saying.

The online version also lets players build skyscrapers, football stadiums, and other buildings as well as the usual houses and hotels. And the ‘Chance’ cards give players the chance to ruin rivals by building prisons, rubbish dumps and sewage works on their streets.

Rent is paid automatically each day, from $50,000 for a house to $100 million for a skyscraper.
Launched in 1935, Monopoly is the world’s most popular board game, with over 250 million boards sold worldwide in 37 languages. Hasbro launched the website to promote their new 3D Monopoly City game, but it looks like the Web site might turn out to have a larger fan following than the 3D counterpart.

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