Friday, November 13, 2009

Convert PDF to excel in PDFtoExcel

Posted by shah shahid

Convert PDF to excel in PDFtoExcel

Sometimes we have PDF files that contain data tables and we need to edit them, with PDFtoExcel you convert pdf to excel so you can use all the data contained in the file in Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets programs.

In 3 simple steps you can convert PDF files to excel:

1 .- Select the PDF file
2 .- Select the extension you want to convert
3 .- Enter your email to receive the converted document

Unlike other PDF converter to Excel, the tool correctly detected all the tables and ignores the contents outside tables, leaving only a XLS file clean and easy to use.

Other conversion solutions usually convert the entire contents of a PDF in an XLS file that is difficult to use, or force to manually highlight each of the tables before the conversion to reuse them in Microsoft Excel or another application.
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