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LG KF600: Feature Rich, Attractive, Stylish, Plus A Unique InteractPad

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LG KF600: Feature Rich, Attractive, Stylish, Plus A Unique InteractPad

Sony Ericsson re-held electronic products which won awards in design of KF600. Mobile is a feature of this very rich but still easy to use, especially coupled with a unique InteractPad.

InteractPad replaces physical navigation keys that have been used. This kind of virtual keys that change according to your needs so it will be suitable for a variety of navigation systems available on the phone. Besides this virtual keypad flexible and accurate.

Motorola presents Unique InteractPad screen size 1.5 "with a resolution of 40 x 176 pixels on his Venus KF600 Series, this screen will dynamically change depending on the applications being run by the phone. When the LG Venus was playing MP3 is only interactPad screen presents mp3 functions, such also when the user activates the camera which appears only camera functions.

Of several in the pipeline hape KF, LG KF600 navigation system is the most visible ciamik. That's when she sees that the system would be offered in this series. User Interface (UI) in this hape was deliberately contrived as attractive as possible. LG call InteractPad system. With this kind of interaction systems, LG promises would spoil its users.

KF600 itself brought Sliding model, which is located behind the keypad of this phone slides. The main screen measures 2 inches with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels for a clear view on the screen. The phone weighs 107 grams includes 8 themes, including the work of Keith Haring Art. Overall, this phone fits quite grasp the size of which is not too large, 50.7mm x 14.1mm x 101.2mm.

UI model like this, then we'd handed forms and navigation buttons form different every feature. When we use such music features. At the bottom of this screen will display hape-button music navigation keys. As for playing games, then what emerges is the key and key shooting. Uniquely again, he forms this button we can set our arbitrarily.

For the phonebook, the phone is 1.41cm thick provides entry 1000, each of which can store details from name, phone number, home number, company name, email, office number, fax number, birthday, photos and videos for each contact.

As for messaging, this phone can store 500 SMS and 100 MMS. Memory Externalnya can select up to 4GB. To call History, this mobile phone stores 50 dialed, 50 received and 50 missed calls.

LG KF600 comes with applications such as Organizer, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Clock, To-do-list, and Voice Memo. Yahoo Go feature already active in this phone without limit. Users also can use the document viewer feature to Microsoft Office such as Word files, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF.

Provided memory is internal memory of 64 MB and slot for external memory expandable up to 4GB. For connectivity, this phone provides Bluetooth and USB connection.

For the Internet, the presence EDGE enough to help speed up browsing. In addition to EDGE class 10, GPRS is also provided in the class 10 connection. For browsing, users can access directly to the WWW to choose between the display with or xHTML WAP 2.0 browser.

3MP resolution camera is pinned behind the scenes with autofocus, capable of capturing a moving image both vertical and horizontal. Function Interact Pad (Screen KF600 Touch screen navigation) will display only the camera function when the user activates the camera feature, and very easy to use. Users can choose their target zoom up to 4x digital zoom, and choose where they will keep their shots on the phone if an album or directly send it via MMS.

In addition to autofocus, this phone also activate Night Mode feature, Multi Shot, Self timer, anti-reduction, information settings, White Balance and LED Flash. Users can choose image resolution from 240X320, 320X240, 640X480, 1280x960, and 1600X1200 pixels. While for multi-shot function, users can choose whether to 1 shot, 3 shot, 5 shot or 9 shot.

Recordingnya video capabilities included in the category of good enough. For Video, User can choose whether to recordingnya recorded in MP4 or 3GP in format 176 x 140 pixels; or even at VGA resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

Users can enjoy using the music player feature as much fun with the camera imaging features of the KF600, because the controls on the screen Interact Pad is so easy to use. Motorola itself has to take into account battery provides all the features in this phone, so users can enjoy what a comfort LG KF600 Venus in the hours long. Music player on the LG KF600 can play a variety of musical formats ranging from MP3, MPEG4, WAV, 3GP, AMR, WMA, MIDI, AAC, AAC, eAAC, RA, and RV audio formats.

FM Radio on the KF600 can be arranged according to user tastes, the user can schedule mengesave favorite show on a particular radio station or mensettingnya as ringtones. FM radio can also be heard via speakerphone, unlike most phones that have headset to listen to him.

For the Games, the game presents KF600 'Thomsons & Touch' and 'Mini Game World ", this game can be played with a touchscreen that feels more interactive and more alive. Interact Pad screen below the main screen will display the shortcut key that support game play.

For the battery, this phone can last for 480 hours of standby time and 4 hours of talk time when it is fully charged.
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