Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Calls With Java Bluetooth radio Enabled Phones

Posted by shah shahid

Free Calls With Java Bluetooth radio Enabled Phones

Bluetooth Radio Java is an application for cellphones that lets you make free calls to other phones using the Bluetooth connection, so you can save the connection through the telephone network so call using Java Bluetooth radio is free.

The limitations of this application are:
* To call another party also must have Java installed Bluetooth radio on your mobile phone.
* You are limited to the Bluetooth coverage is almost always a radius of 10 to 50 meters.
* Calls are 1 st, that is to first press a button to talk and what you say is recorded and then is transferred via Bluetooth to another phone, so have Nextel elgo or a VHF radio.

This application does not have a website where information about the author, etc.. but you can download from Rapidshare, I don't know the type of license for this program if you know something leave it in the comments.
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