Monday, December 14, 2009


Posted by shah shahid
Mintpass has come out with a incredible fabulous MP3 music player called CUBE, launched with new looking analog displays rather everything being digital now. It’s has a different analog MP3 player look. As the name suggest CUBE. It is cube shaped and got 3 big analog display gauges indicated by red needles with the bright backlight facility on the analog monitors. Analog display measuring the FM Frequency, Battery Level and VU Meter (volume) on the 3 sides. It seems to be like a product made for man, as it’s mini cubical with analog display and stylish. Whereas women go for stylish sleek model music players.

But no where the CUBE is less compared to the other models. The Cube measures 2" on each side, so it's pretty small and portable. Its functions are controllable by a square shaped buttons on the top. It comprises of 10 buttons on the whole.

Buttons positioned as:

Row one: M – music player, R- FM radio mode, Backlight mode, shuffle on/off, Volume +

Row two: A -B -> repeat interval, previous track, Play/Stop/Power, Next Track, Volume –

CUBE is also designed with Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, 3.5 mm Earphone Jack, push control button styles used in cassette tape and the Backlight allows the users to see the stuffs going on in the display even at nights.

The product is ready for the launch and its price will be quoted as early as possible, as the price and memory is still a pause from the Mint pass. As it’s a best re-entry old styled model. Hopefully it will be cost-effective product. And it is available in two colors, say black and white.

Mini CUBE MP3 player is now going to be the most curious and awaited product in the market. It’s going to revert us to the Retro Fashion players with everything it is modern equipped.
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