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Download Saints Row 2 PC For Free - Full Version

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Download Saints Row 2 PC For Free - Full Version

Here comes a game that many expected, a game where you have to earn respect of your neighborhood and do missions for it, an action game in the third person and many gang, a game where you can customize your own character who will become the leader of your crew. A more GTA style game. Be sure to download Saints Row 2 for PC Full with crack.

Game Information:
Type and format: FULL, Format of the Archive:. RAR (Winrar) Platform: PC Gene: Action - Adventure - Gang Language: EnglishRelease: January 5, 2009 Server: Rapidshare, Megauplaod, Filefactory and Netload Weight: 6.76 gb, 34 × 100Mbs, 1 × 119mbs Crack: Inside the. ISO

 The new title from THQ and Volition aggressively looking for their strengths, and although the story is so well told as above, and that their control is much more artificial, especially in vehicles, "we have a choice to take account for fans to Sand-Box. A cooperative exciting, cool new secondary activities and a sense of humor bombproof-but sexist, thick and easily are the main complaints.
Saint's Row 2 picks up the story where he left his first delivery. After the explosion of the yacht to that closed the previous episode, here began in the prison hospital, choosing to look, to rebuild our battered body.
And just here comes the first point where the game before us is radically un-check any other evidence of gender, character editor. Pimp to create the most muscular and intimidating, more curvaceous women or impossible monsters in our power, and best of all (or worst, depending on the beholder) is that these characters will be our representation on the title along whole adventure, including cinematics.
Everything is in our power in this editor. From the size, shape and position of each of the features of the face, until everything about the body, gait character, race, age, sex and facial hair, hair, makeup, etc.. A simple and intuitive tool that with the classic graduation bars allows us to accurately choose the appearance of the (anti) hero.
The real chocolate that conceals the packaging of Saint's Row 2 are, as we say, the various activities that dot the development. Not that the single player campaign does not enjoy a good standard, much less, but its linearity and strong recycling can be fought while skillfully won a lot of money, alternating with the side missions.
The game actually encourages us to meet all sorts of separate objectives of the campaign, and does so by demanding a share of respect for progress in the story mode. This respect is achieved by killing people from other bands, crazy maneuvers with the vehicles or serving these side missions.
Some of these "side quests" repeat of the previous game, and we'll experience firsthand the insane races Stilwater, the hilarious insurance fraud car-hurling anti-progress, or the usual destruction in which, with arms infinite, we blow everything we can.
Among the new additions some scrupulously respected the style of the first part, like the Fuzz in which we pursue a number of criminals as a police television show, having to arrest-to-beat offenders meeting the time required.

Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP / VistaCPU: Dual-Core processing fee GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2)RAM: 1 gbHard drive space: 15 gbsVideo Card: 3D card that supports Shader Model 3.0 (Nvidia Geforce 7600/ATI Radeon x1300)Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card 16-bitInternet: broadband Internet is required for Multiplayer

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