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What is CANINE FLU H3N8 or Dog Flu?

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What is CANINE FLU H3N8 or Dog Flu?

Should we fear H3N8 and pandemic influenza dog?

This could pass for a bad joke First April but it is not. There is talk now of a new flu affecting dogs after transmission of H3N8 viruses from horses. Certainly, 2009 was full of the flu.

Since medicine has become institutional, before being publicized, seasons are marked by conditions emblematic. Sometimes accompanied major scientific breakthroughs. It combines the late 19th century to the rage and the famous Pasteur. But what was kept under surveillance, the two diseases were acquired by external contact, the one popularized by some artists who died, was syphilis. As for cholera, it caused several pandemics, with tens of thousands of deaths. Vaccination and hygiene could overcome this disease is seen even in poor countries including Zimbabwe and now in the news recently. The decade 1985-1995 was that of AIDS. It could be that the decade 2005-2015 was the flu.

We remember the bird flu became famous because it caused numbers of outbreaks around the world but mainly, it rose from animals to humans, infecting hundreds of subjects. In September 2008, 245 deaths have been recorded since the first case in 2004. Please note, no deaths were observed in industrialized countries. As a precaution, bird breeding were slaughtered when a case was detected. No one remembers those images of Bresse, with veterinarians from those in the footbaths so that the area had become forbidden as if there was any radioactivity. So, the authorities took matters in hand. On neither we predicted the disaster, millions of deaths caused by this strain called H5N1. And huge stocks of the antiviral Tamiflu, neuraminidase inhibitor and therefore the multiplication of the virus were made.

2009. As if the virus decided to invite themselves under way pandemic, another influenza pandemic emerges, we can without knowing how dangerous this strain belonging to the H1N1 type. Appeared in Mexico, this bird was designated as Mexican and as swine, because it affects pigs. The latest news is not necessarily good, nor accurate. We mentioned the case supposedly an exceptional Danish refractory to treatment with Tamiflu, while according to CDC researchers, most samples of H1N1 resistant to Tamiflu. That is what worries because it illustrates the big problem with any viral disease. A virus, although it retains the determinants for the sorting, moving inexorably. At the risk of becoming increasingly lethal.

End date virus we are talking about but not too much, the H3N8. Called also influenza virus canine, although it also caused the death of wild ducks. Discovered in 2004 at a greyhound race, the virus causes the flu can give severely affect the dog but mortality is considered quite low. Like many other viral strains, cross species transmission occurred in this case the horse to the dog. From there to imagine that man can be contaminated there is a step in the order of reasons. But we know that life has its own rules and that the matter is she who ultimately decides whether the man will be affected by H3N8 or not. One thing is certain, since the transmission of horse dog found 5 years ago, no human has been infected so far. The H3N8 virus remains a matter between veterinarians, like many other diseases affecting animal species. This virus was found in a good thirty U.S. states, but he did not expansive considerable. Especially in situations of overcrowding that the virus is transmitted from one dog to another. Number of cases, between 20 and 30 miles, ie a drop of water for a country of 70 million canine friends. Scientists believe the virus is not as responsive as that in the canine species. It would have 40 years to migrate from the horse, favored by 5 mutations, but only a few Cassandras like to mention one or two additional mutations that can make an H3N8 viral weapon of mass destruction. Let us rather what type of reasoning to science fiction writers. While stressing that the brachycephalic dogs are more sensitive to the lethal virus by some veterinary sources. This is not surprising because a virus is "work" depending on terrain that hosts it. However, we do not see how having a flat nose would cause a special fragility. Except to hear that a virus takes its virulence factors to two distinct but complementary and linked, field epigenetic and genetic profile. In this case, certain races are less resistant to the virus.

To finish this mini review virus, one wonders why the virus and especially that of the flu, are causing much concern. Fear of a new Spanish flu is no stranger to hype. But do we really know how a virus mutates, spreads, tricking the immune system? And what is the precise role of viruses? Note the abuse of language by scientists who lend to viruses or intentions, is the logic underpinning the rule of living. Speaking with a virus that is adapted to a host has no meaning. The opposite. The virus is a formal and structural fragment containing a gene sequence, DNA or RNA capable of replicating using only the molecular mechanism of host cells. Let's talk about patients adapted to resist and other more fragile. Seasonal flu affects those most vulnerable, infants and elderly. Influenza A seems to affect young subjects. In that capacity she worried because the Spanish flu also prevailed among young adults, while leaving older people. Doubtless immunized having been in contact with strains during their long lives (according to a hypothesis of virologists) Who knows if we are not affected by a lot of viruses do not cause disease so that it does not detect . Finally, one important element that we know very well now. Viral mortality is often due to secondary infection. This was the case with the Spanish flu. How many deaths from pneumonia, at a time when there were no antibiotics, penicillin had been discovered only in 1929.

So here we are in the decade of the flu. And who knows if this condition will not be accompanied by amazing scientific discoveries, as was the case for other diseases in the past. While viral infections have long been known but viruses still contain an element of mystery that might raise some laboratory capable Champollion to decipher the logic of living. And perhaps its evolution. Who knows if the flu does not chant a few mutations in a particular case, humans. The generation of 1918 was found to be different (see Zweig and the world before) The urban lifestyle has had an impact? So many questions unanswered.

Is it a hoax? Where is the proof that pets are so weakened by all the crap they are injected and they are made to eat they have become another target for ...
The canine disease is a reflection of human disease ... When is a real awareness??
And what do you think will happen in shelters and Spa?? Vaccines? I doubt it, but euthanasia of mass preventive protective measure (curious is there as a preventive protection for breeds supposedly dangerous, but there are none for chemical and pharmaceutical lobbies and some GM crops )
And of course at the time of year when the SPA are overwhelmed! THERE must have binoculars to neurons? I bet that soon we will leave the cat flu! And again everyone will walk!
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