Monday, February 22, 2010

Cimbclicks Login -

Posted by shah shahid

Cimb clicks Login -

One of our readers asked us about Cimbclicks Login. And I tried to answer him this way.

CIMB Clicks was previously known as Channel-e. It is one of the online services in Malaysia and is the second largest financial services provider. Here one can access the internet banking and financial services. CIMB Bank Offers this service to all their ATM Credit Cardholders.

Now if you want to login to Cimbclicks first get register with, which is official website of Cimbclicks.

Now when you want to use their Internet Banking and also wants to do your transaction online just login to
via As I told earlier you must be their customer to use this acess.

Steps to get login In

It is very simple to get login in

Here is step by step procedure to do so:

1) Type in your internet browser and see Login page at right side of the site.
2) Get your Bank Card No, Credit Card No or Loan No.
3) Now enter 6 digits Internet E-Pin (which should be generated at ATM), CIMB Clicks ID, CIMB Clicks Password, and your Mother's Maiden Name ( as a security measure).

4)This was for first time users.
5) Regular users can just enter their user ID and password and enjoy the service.

I hope this will help you get logged in to your Cimbclicks account.
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