Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Pros And Cons Of Blue Ray Technology

Posted by shah shahid
With the advent of blu-ray discs, many people are starting to conclude that the end of the DVD era is coming soon. Blu-ray's superb performance in terms of audio and video quality is very obvious; People are able to enjoy better, high-definition movies in the comfort of their home.

Even so, nothing's perfect. Awesome as it may be, the blu-ray technology is still flawed. That's why many people still prefer using blank CDs and DVDs. To understand blu-ray better and to know what to expect from them, it's a great idea to look at its pros and cons. Here are several pointers you should know.

Advantages of Blu-Ray

· Superior video resolution - Blu-ray discs have clear, more vivid and detailed images, compared to regular DVDs. Its superior resolution ability is very notable. A blu-ray has 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, while DVDs have 720 x 480. Of course, you'll need a good quality HD TV to appreciate this factor.

· High-quality audio - The advanced technology of blu-ray employs high-analysis sound formats which enhances a movie or musical performance's audio experience. Pair it with a surround sound system, and you'll have an awesome movie experience.

· Additional features - Blu-rays have extra features which DVDs don't have. A few examples are PC streaming, BD wise, built in memory (1 GB). Some are also Wifi ready. Most players that came out in 2009 have this feature, and either have a support for Wifi or an Ethernet port. With this a lot more features are more accessible, including BD-Live content, Online streaming and more.

Disadvantages of Blu-Ray

· Price - If you want a good quality blu-ray system, you might need to shell out hundreds of dollars. Even so, there are systems that are reasonably priced, costing 200 dollars or less. These can still give high definition sound and video. Read reviews and consult friends to learn the best, but not necessarily expensive, brands available.

· Availability of Movie Titles - At this time, the availability of blu-ray movie titles is still small. More and more movies are being placed in blu-ray format, however. For the meantime, you can enjoy your DVDs using blu-ray players and with enhanced quality. No need to get rid of your vast DVD collection.
Blu-ray is a new technology, but it is evolving. No one can say whether it will truly replaced DVDs, but one thing is for sure: It will definitely change the way you perceive high-definition viewing.
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