Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Avoid Win XP Re-Activation?

Posted by shah shahid
How to Avoid Win XP Re-Activation?

If you do not want to reinstall Windows XP, then you will need to re-activate it. To reduce the hassle of pop mistrigous to activate the Windows XP version.

This is what you need to do:

You need Campaign from the penalty spot to rest, XP CD and Windows.

1. Before you install Windows XP, click Start the "Run" and type "C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \" (without the quotation marks) and then copy the file named "BAS. Diploma" of the pen drive attachment.

2. Continue to install Windows XP, when the immediate activation of the decline comes on the screen to activate, continue till finish of installing.

3. Restart the computer in safe mode i; e when the computer is booting up keep pressing the F8 button on the keyboard until you reach the Startup menu and Windows Advanced. Select using the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight "Safe Mode", then hit Enter.

4. Click Start, "Run" and type "C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \" (without the quotation marks) and then rename the file "BAS. Diploma" to "WPA. The old" best use. Then copies itself "BAS. Diploma" file from pendrive] there. Restart and continue their work.


Do you want to attach the drive or CD pen Annex / even in the whole process.

You can also use a CD-ROM too.

To copy a specific file right click on the file and click Copy.

To locate the pen drive or CD-ROM, click the computer starts, you will see the device.

Follow it as it is.
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