Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Change Start Button Text in Windows?

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How to Change Start Button Text in Windows?

By Using Resource Hacker, you can change the text that you have on the Start button in Windows XP. Resource Hacker is a free program that lets you view and modify resources in the shell of your windows. Read on to learn how to use this application to edit the text on the Start button you have.

1. Download Resource Hacker from angusj. You can use this program to free up resources in the Shell and your windows.

2. Navigate to your C: \ Windows directory, and then locate the file explorer is called. X. Copy and paste this file to another folder on the hard disk to serve as a reserve.

3. Open Explorer to start the application resource hacker, and then by using the X File menu. You will see a set of folders displayed collapsed.

4. Expand the String Table folder named. Next, locate the folder named No. 37. (If you are using Windows Classic, you will need instead to find in No. 38.

5. Select the resource 1033. Next, locate the text that reads Start (this applies to the text on the Start button). Edit this text to change the text on the Start button.

Note: There is no character limit, but do keep in mind that the text you enter will take the area of the taskbar.

6. Once you modify the text, click the button labeled translation of the script. This will update the settings for the Start Menu.

Restart the computer to make the changes permanently.
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