Saturday, July 16, 2011

How To Join Google+ Without Invitation?

Posted by shah shahid

How To Join Google+ Without Invitation?

You might have seen many friends are asking you invite Google+. They wants to join this new sensation in Social Networking By Google. But if you are also not joined Google+ yet and don't know how to join it without any invitation how will you invite others?

There are actually 3 ways to join Google+ without any invitation.

Method 1.

a) Install Google Chrome Browser (if you already dint have one). Here is the download link
b) After you install it, one a new tab, where you will find Google Chrome web store. Install Google+ application from there.
c) When you will click on Google Chrome app, you will taken to Google+ login page. If you are not joined yet, you can then fill Google+ registration form. Voila you are in.

Method 2

You can join Google+ from your mobile phone. Just Redirect your mobile browser to Click on signup.You will given same form to Join Google+.

I hope this method will work for you until Google+ comes out of Beta mode and it will free for to signup. 
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