Monday, July 30, 2012

Wufoo - Login To Create Enquiry Form Template From Form Builder

Posted by Savita Sathe
Wufoo Form Builder is a online tool that lets you create custom forms. After making a Wufoo form, you can with ease add it to your site with the given HTML widget. To do this, you must first register with Wufoo, then copy the embed html code and add it to HTML Editor.

To create a Wufoo Enquiry Form Template:

1. Go to Wufoo website and register yourself. Select a plan and click on Sign up.
2. Fill in the fields to register for Wufoo. Click on Create Account.
3. Create your required field with Wufoo form manager (Wufoo Form Manager). Once you have done this, save the form and got o step no. 3. Then come bck to form manager.
4. From the Form Manager, under your form, click on html Code.
5. Now copy the embed code of a box in Form Manager.

Wufoo Login:
After being signing up with wufoo you can log into Wufoo, and then you can access the administrative functions of Wufoo, create and edit forms or reports, check your data or change the account information.

To log into your Wufoo account, click "Log In" in the upper most right corner of Wufoo page. You will need the email you created your account and password. Once you have provided the necessary information will be sent securely to our servers via SSL. If you login successfully, you will be redirected to your Wufoo account.

Dinosaur login

If you are the creator of the account of your own, there are two places where you can log into Wufoo. The first is easy to find. Simply place the login link with the dinosaur in the upper right corner of any page on Wufoo.

You can also go directly to the login page using the following URL :

If you are not the creator of the account (the account was created by someone else to give you access to a Wufoo account and created from the User Manager), use the login from a different URL. You can not log in from the link on the home page Wufoo or from the link above. You can find the correct link in the email account creation that was sent when the Creator of the account or Administrator account created Wufoo access.

In the login screen, enter your email address and password to login. Your information will be transmitted via an SSL encrypted connection and you will be directed to the Forms Manager page after a successful login.

Check the box Remember to bypass the login procedure in the future. This is not recommended for shared or public computers.

If you have trouble logging in, try clearing your cache and all cookies stored on your computer by Wufoo.
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