Tuesday, October 2, 2012

HostGator Login, HostGator cPanel Login Page

Posted by Savita Sathe
In this post we will know how one can login to his HostGator account with his login ID and password.

What is HostGator?

As many of know that hostgator is very reputed name in hosting world. HostGator offers hosting plans to different kind of people for their different kind of hosting needs. Their are many plans offered by Hostgator such as Hatchling, Baby or Business.

HostGator cPanel Login Page

Okay, now if you are a new customer you might have signed up with them, with your login and password. You must have received an email from HostGator that how you may login to their site in your account. If you have not got or seen any email and came here searching then follow this simple url's to login to your account.

If you know your IP Address of your hosting server, then you can login in your Shared hosting control panel (cPanel). You just need to type in this format. "http://YourIPAddress/cpanel".

The other format is "http://gator123.hostgator.com/cpanel" in which you have to replace 123 with your ip address.

But if you are an exiting customer you can directly login with your domain name and cpanel format. Here is the format "http://YourDomain.com/cpanel".

Few Tips about your user name password

Always try to remember them or write it somewhere, but never reveal it to anyone else. The password must not be simple. Always use special characters while choosing you passwords. You login id can be anything, but try to use anything which is not common, like your name etc.
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