Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Google Music comes to you with Matching: Your music is no longer up, synchronizes

Posted by sharjil rajput
One detail that has eluded us this morning when we announced the arrival of Google Music has a system called matching. This was confirmed when he announced that Google Music would Held on November 13, but has not yet made the official announcement of the service, hence the dismissal.For those who are familiar with iTunes Match, will be easier to understand, because the idea is exactly the same, with the difference that in the case of Google is not charged for the extra service, but it is included. For those who do not know it, we will explain in detail.Until now, if only outside the United States, Google Music worked up your music collection to the cloud and making it accessible from their servers to hear from any of our devices for streaming.

This process required a very expensive initial sync could take several days to climb synchronization.With the introduction of matching service, Google Music now scans your music library and make ourselves available handles those songs without having to upload them, taking them to the library is already available in its music store, no charge per song or service. That is, if when you scan our collection Google Music is an album of Queen and takes it into its online library, we have to raise it to have it in our collection online, but it automatically syncs to make it available to access from any of our devices.

It's that easy.The operation is fully automatic. We add the folders you want to sync with Google Music manager for your PC, and the music that is in the library of Google is also in ours. One that Google will not be available if you upload it, do not get rid of it.The 20,000 limit remains the same songs, and songs that include synchronized by matching for this. The only ones that do not count are those bought in Google Play.
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