Sunday, November 25, 2012

How bone cancer spreads?

Posted by Savita Sathe

There are many types of cancer cells that may occur in any part of the body. Sales of anti-cancer symptoms are normal. Cancer cells always Constantly increase there number of they are not finished doing so. The cancer cells are gradually spread to other tissues and organs of the body. When cancer cells spread to the bone, it is called the bone cancer. Bone cancer mostly occurs in the bone of the hands and feet, but it can spread to any organ of the body. With bone cancer pain and fatigue in the bones begins. Bone cancer can be deadly to man, the doctor should be consulted when a pain in the bones started so that it can be treated in time.

Primary bone cancer -
Primary bone cancer spreads to the bones. Injuries to bones, fracture of, primary bone cancer is the cause of the outbreak. Often during a work injury from bone cancer can spread to bone. Children during play and the players gets hurt or fracture that causes bone cancer.

Metastatic Bone Cancer (Metastatic Bone Cancer) -
Secondary bone cancer is also called metastatic bone cancer. This type of bone cancer spreads to the bones of the body's other organs. When a man mouth cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer or other cancer cells and the cancer spreads to the bones, it is called metastatic bone cancer.

Bone cancer causing outbreaks -

Smoking -
Smoking is a risk of  causing bone cancer. Direct or indirect non-cancer increases. Eating tobacco mouth cancer spreads.

Vitamin - D -
Vitamin - D deficiency can also cause bone cancer spread.

Genetic -
If anyone has any type of home or bone cancer is cancer that may have an impact on children. Cancer cells transplant may be happen from mother to child.

Be fracture -
When any type of bone is hurt, you are prone to bone cancer.

Radiation or X-rays -
Radiation or X-ray exposure to the rays of the bone cancer can spread. After surgery due to other disease outbreaks risk of bone cancer.

After bone cancer by preventing the growth of cancer cells are Hiddion. Healthy cells grow bone cells due to anti-cancer causes the bone ends are very weak and thin. There could be loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue, bone pain, limp because of the early symptoms of bone cancer.
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