Saturday, November 10, 2012

How To Acess Hulu Without Being in USA

Posted by Savita Sathe
Hulu is a 'new' social network publishing high quality videos which are involved major U.S. television networks, and whose main purpose is to provide the legal series for webcasting. The first time I read about it was in mid-November last year, through a note Fernando CiberPrensa where we explained that this novel service was in private beta and only for USA. As curious surfer visited the homepage and as we say in Mexico, "not to leave" entered my email for an invitation.
When I was not expecting anything one month after I got it, and I immediately went to see his presentation and tinker a bit. And a bit was I got it when trying to play some video I appeared the legend of unavailability for my region.

Enjoy hulu1 Hulu without being in USA

With some disappointment again I forgot about it until January 4, when Mashable published an alternative to enjoy the service by installing a simple tool called Hotspot Shield, which lets you create a VPN-virtual private network, you get to spend as american citizen and enjoy the programming.

Hotspot Shield is available for use on both Windows and Mac (Linux users are all about hacks and no doubt manage to know Chuck Norris) and download and a few clicks you can install and use it. When you run it, it will open a bar at the top of the window telling you that is in action, you can delete and work like you do everyday. When you no longer want to use it as close as any other program.

Enjoy hulu2 Hulu without being in USA

Mentioned above comes up because today the service is no longer beta and opened to general users, with the constraint of availability in the U.S. alone. So if you chew good English, are extremely addicted to the TV series, you enjoy high quality and you also like to try new products on the web, using Hotspot Shield will be indispensable. In addition you can also use it to enter Pandora and file download services that prevent you from using them without the intervention of certain hours.
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