Saturday, November 17, 2012

HP Connected Music : The Music Streaming Hand HP

Posted by sharjil rajput

Clearly, either streaming video or music is one of the most consumer products success lately. And large companies are beginning to see the reef in this system of consumption. There are few alternatives and think as Spotify, are progressing with difficulty, especially legal and economic. But it seems that HP wants to try too, and took advantage of the introduction of several products to present this service.

This is also where the HP Connected Music, a different and an alternative to consume online music also brings a number of "extras" the most curious and attractive. Thanks to the collaboration of Universal, one of the major labels in the music scene, not only access to many groups and songs, also provide a number of incentives for this service a success.

And the number of incentives to motivate users are quite lucrative, especially if you are a true fan. From exclusive private events with groups, meetings with artists, visits to recording studios or VIP passes that include transportation and accommodations to follow your favorite bands. The truth is that in this respect to HP Connected Music is not going to miss promotion, but only possible if part of these incentives recorded an HP PC or laptop with Windows 8.

The service, which will be standard on all laptops and PCs with Windows 8 brand, operates in demo version for all other users can enjoy the time of a few minutes of songs to see how is the service and how about works. It is clear that streaming is a good bet, hopefully not limited to HP service teams at first glance does not look too bad.
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