Saturday, November 17, 2012

Instagram Updated Its Website With User Profiles

Posted by sharjil rajput

Instagram is not content with having a clear leadership in the field of photography applications for the mobile market. Today has displayed one of the things most valued by users, and is listening to requests made ​​to them for time today that though premieres new features are focused on the web, do not abandon their goal is nothing less than the mobile platform.

Today announced the release of web profiles, which will be accessible through browser and display a summary of the user, with the most recent photos and a button to continue to the user. If you hover over any of the pictures we can see the number of people who liked the photo and comments from the same.

The purpose of this new amendment to Part "web" of instagram is to facilitate and support to facilitate more users share pictures (especially those who do not use the service) and also an easier way to find new users, and to follow sail more comfortably when from a computer. Also it is more convenient to view photos without be constrained by the size of the screen, now you can see with the browser when you click a picture above.

This functionality will be operational next week. This is great news but the service is clearly aimed at the mobile market and the proof is that there are very few features that we find on the web, and a perfect covering a third party service as Statigram. Maybe it's lack of interest or perhaps this approach to be the undisputed king of photo applications on mobile platforms. What is clear is that brands also have been a compelling reason to implement this new functionality. Anyway these new features are always welcome, but fall short. Do not you think?
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