Friday, November 16, 2012

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8

Posted by sharjil rajput
It's been a week of the most intense in terms of presentation is concerned, is that not only does man live gadgets and software is a key component, as a heavyweight as Microsoft moves tab must be vigilant. Although we have had a long appetizer rather than Windows 8, today definitely kicks final output to the new version of Windows.
We saw it when we were testing the beta and the days of its launch, the new version of Windows marked a before and after in which the management of the operating system and what we were used Microsoft. Its clear focus on mobile devices is a fact, is that in this "post-PC" Microsoft has been more marginalized in a market clearly dominated by tablets and smartphones. But Microsoft did not want to stay in the background and from tomorrow Friday October 26 Windows 8 will be available for sale and also available upgrades to the new version.
The clear commitment of Microsoft, brave and very different from the continuity that had been following for so many years. Steve Ballmer has been clear in this regard stating "We re-imagined Windows and the result is this amazing new line of PCs." In fact Balmer dropped in a later interview that Microsoft would be willing to make new hardware, a position that would take in the event that Microsoft "saw clear opportunities."
Undoubtedly one of the most features of this new version is that it is cross-platform, Microsoft is clearly committed tablets with its surface, which unfortunately is not available yet in our country. Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows versions RT are common in its interface, but each specific hardware platform (Pro x86 or x64 processors and ARM architectures and RT for the tablet or smartphones). The ecosystem of applications for Windows 8 has grown and today are taking advantage of the presentation released large applications like the New York Times and other popular services.

The pity is not able to have the tablet more focused on productivity so far still around. uch work, and many hours of testing culminating in the coming-out of this new version of Windows that has brought praise and criticism alike. Windows 8 is released in 140 countries and 37 languages. The interesting thing is that if we have a computer with Windows XP, Vista or 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 until the end of January 2013 a very interesting price (29.99 €). It goes on sale at 00:01 on Friday.
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