Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Features in Gmail To Compose Emails More Easily

Posted by sharjil rajput

It seems that Google has cargadita week of news and does not give us a break, which is welcome after a season without much news in general, and in particular services. This time it's the turn of Gmail and your choice of writing emails that adds a couple of new features to make it more useful and fast.

A complete redesign that wants to try to make the work when writing emails and making it much easier and convenient. That's the main goal, and they will try to rush through a new feature that creates a separate window (pop-up) and when we do it in Gtalk that allows us to see other emails while we're writing the message open. Very useful and makes us lose no time if we need to see something from another email.

But also joins this new role, another also quite useful when we are putting the recipients of an email. So far Google's suggestions were only related mailing addresses contact names, now also added a photo of the contact. This will facilitate the task of adding enough recipients as it will significantly faster photo identification by perhaps a few names among equals in the suggestions.

Two functions have very good looking and unfortunately still are only a small sample of some changes still take several weeks to arrive definitively. There will have to be patient. Do you like the new features?

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