Saturday, November 10, 2012

Open PDF, PPT and TIF online with Google Docs Vi

Posted by Savita Sathe
If you do not already know, Google Docs Viewer is a simple utility that lets you view PDF files, PPT (PowerPoint presentations) and TIF format images that are on the web. Then, it would be useful to be able to open all links to these types of files with this tool and directly without installing plugins?The first option, and compatible with any browser, add this bookmark to the Bookmarks Toolbar. If you then want to see an archive of the aforementioned types, we must first click on the marker and then the link to the file.The other alternative is to use a script similar to the above but with Greasemonkey.

In this case we have to create a file on your disk, eg naming gdocsviewer.user.js, paste in the following code and install it on your browser: 
/ / == UserScript ==/ / 
@ Name View PDFs, TIFFs and PPTs in Google Viewer/ / @ Namespace Google/ / @ Description This script Ensures That All hyperlinks pointing to PDFs, PowerPoint docs and TIFF images are opened using Google Viewer.
 / / == / UserScript ==var link, l = 0;while (link = document.links [i + +]) {if (link.href.toLowerCase (). indexOf (. 'pdf')! = -1 | | link.href.toLowerCase (). indexOf (. 'ppt')! = -1 | | link.href.toLowerCase ( ). indexOf (. 'tiff')! = -1 | | link.href.toLowerCase (). indexOf ('. tif')! = -1 && link.href.indexOf ('javascript') == -1 && link.href.indexOf ('file') == -1) {newString var = ' =' + link.href;link.href = newString;};


There are also several on Greasemonkey scripts that allow us to perform the same function.Basically what these scripts is to visit the current page by changing the URL in the format for links having any of the extensions supported by Google Docs Viewer.As you will see is a good alternative that avoids install applications or plugins to read PDFs or PPTs, with the disadvantage that each are more Google-dependent.
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