Thursday, November 15, 2012

See New mobile version of Wikipedia

Posted by sharjil rajput

Undoubtedly one of the things that I use in my day to day when I have a doubt is the Wikipedia. And I think this is something general, the largest encyclopedia on the network and to remember that is made with effort and patience Anonymous and selfless, announced major changes to its mobile version.

Some improvements have been testing in a closed beta and that this week is going to make available to all users. In this new version has taken great care the aspect of information visualization (the "usability"), and an improved navigation system for exploration of Wikipedia.

Since the last update of the mobile version dates from September 2011 gives an idea of the great improvement that implies. One aspect is the typography retouched, which is chosen differently in order to have compatibility with the greatest number of devices, and which allow the point to be read perfectly. It's where Wikipedia puts more effort and continues to develop, since the text is the backbone and main page.

Undoubtedly the best thing is that it may prove to yourselves and judge the changes of the new mobile version of the Wikipedia. A new version closer to the goal of Wikipedia to reach 4,000 million mobile visitors during 2013. What do you think.
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