Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skype For Microsoft 8 Will Soon Be Arrived

Posted by sharjil rajput
Many companies are after the success of WhatsApp. Many have tried and all, without exception, have failed. Everyone wants to have an application that people use to communicate, and that is that Whatsapp has become one of the most used communications centers today. The idea is simple, send and receive text messages to SMS mode, without needing to be connected or disconnected. Simply a stream of information.

Microsoft is four days of developing Windows 8, and uncertainty looming over their heads at this launch. Many believe that this new operating system will end the Redmond, and a few others that change is needed in order to adapt to the times.

One of the key features of Windows 8 is multidipositivo operation, since this ignores Microsoft's mobile version of Windows Phone and unifies all. And a very important service when your operating system will be present in smartphones and tablets in communication. Today Microsoft announced the new Skype for Windows 8, which comes fully renovated (yes, Microsoft bought Skype).

This new version of Skype is updated with optimization for Windows 8, adapting to its interface, which allows us to move from side to side with a swipe to access the different categories. The important thing about this update is that Skype is fully integrated with Windows 8, and indeed we can associate ourselves of Microsoft to Skype and record it on the phone automatically access the latter. Receive notifications of missed calls, messages and push notifications will be integrated into the People Hub, along with the rest of our contacts activity on social networks, emails and messages.

It is precisely this integration that shows the real movement that Microsoft wants to make upgrading Skype, and is become the main media of Windows 8. Android has always tried GTalk and Apple with iMessage, but none has ever managed to replace Whatsapp. Perhaps the problem is to belong to a particular operating system or may not give the key to success and simplicity of Whatsapp, but it's hard to do that with Skype Microsoft.

True, it is a powerful tool, and despite the privacy issues presented, could work very well. But as much as Microsoft tries to centralize their communications via Skype, those using Android, iOS or BlackBerry will turn away. Of course, we must recognize that it is a great upgrade.
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