Friday, November 16, 2012

The 15 Best Android Apps of this Week

Posted by sharjil rajput

Worst: not given more than if ... Welcome to another week the 15 best Android apps of the week. A section in which we review 15 great applications we have seen discussed in detail by our fellow Android Free. Applications for all tastes and needs that do nothing but complete and in many cases improve the list of applications that we have in our phone. So without further delay and start the review 1. Streamified Streamified is an application that will gather all the updates of our social networks for display on one site. That is, we have centralized all information from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedId and Google Reader, so you can say that a part of social networking, we see the news from blogs to which we subscribe.

But besides consume information, we can also generate content, updating our accounts and interact through the different options we provide social networks such as external content sharing, buttons "like", make and edit photos, etc The best: To have all of our social networks centralized in a single application.. Worst: Although the interface is quite good for phones, it is not for tablet. 2. AppSurfer This is not an application as such but we wanted to include because it will be useful to more than one. AppSurfer will allow us to test applications without having to install them, so the whole process of installation and removal if the app does not convince us of the day, we would save.

This is possible because the applications actually tested through a website. Best: to test the application we want to see if it's worth having it on our phone. The worst: some applications are not very fluid. 3. Picture Password Lockscreen Picture Password Lockscreen is a very simple yet very functional as it will allow us to customize the lock screen in our Android phone. Allows several types of locks and security but to enjoy all the features we checkout, we also have available a free version in most cases will suffice us. Best: different levels of security for maximum customization safety. Worst: insalarla need to be root (although hardly anyone has already without rooting your phone) 4.

Smart Memory Booster will allow us to free up our memory that may be using applications sprees. This will close processes running in the background or that have been opened without our account and we are eating resources unnecessarily. Besides being able to leave her free choice processes have to "kill", we can select them manually and even different configurations like that every time we turn the screen, Smart Memory Booster perform the appropriate actions, and all this with a quite attractive interface The best: the amount of options we have to configure the applicatioN.

The worst: many continue to doubt the usefulness of this type of applications. 5. Magiapp Have some fun and laugh with (or from) our friends is the purpose of Magiapp. Exactly this is achieved trucando the preview of an image when the ship, meaning that the image will be completely open our friends differently than previsualicen when downloading. As you see there is an application that will solve life, but we can not ignore this kind of applications that brings a smile. Best: ideal for a good time playing tricks. Worst: not given more than if ... ... 6. Rdio Rdio is a great application for music without time limits or advertising on our Android phone.

The visuals in this application is very careful and seems to work smoothly and seamlessly, even if it is true that by focusing on the music catalog we see that something is lacking. However, although still not up to Spotify, if it can be an interesting alternative. .Best: general functioning.. Worst: do not have a free version.. 7. PicsArt There are many image editors available for Android, so you may wonder what's so special PicsArt. Well, this application also can perform typical actions of Editing and effects that we found in other editors, with PicsArt we centralize a large set of functions (taking photos, share with social networks ...), with a low-resources so great fluency notice to interact with the application. So it may well become our default photography application and all this of course with a nice interface Best: so complete an application that is free .

Worst: nothing to write home about 8. Tunnel Bear Sometimes we are restricted to access certain Internet content by geography (or whatever) and to solve it in this case we Tunnel Bear. So you can say that with this application we can access any site without any restrictions and all from a very simple to use. With a limit of 500Mb per month in my point of view is more than enough for occasional use. Best: 500 Mb free month.. The worst: only available for Android 4.0 or higher. . 9. Vodafone Cloud In addition to Dropbox, Drive or any drive cloud storage, Vodafone customers have the good fortune to enjoy Vodafone Cloud, with which they can store up to 5GB of free images, audio or type of file you want. Although obviously if you need more space, we can hire a monthly plan that we offer.

They have also placed special emphasis on the issue of security, so we can classify Vodafone Cloud in a reference application for storing data (only for Vodafone customers, of course). The best: free 5Gb per month. . Worst: Vodafone customers only. 10. CloudOn Would you like to have Microsoft Office on your Android? Well, you can thank CloudOn. It also allows us to work with Adobe Reader and a small image viewer which makes it a great tool to work. Another feature worth mentioning is the synchronization with the main services in the cloud with Dropbox, Box Drive. . Best: to run Microsoft Office on an Android device. Worse: in Spain is not yet available (although there are other alternatives to download). 11. Panorama DerManDar With Panorama Dermandar we will be able to make great panoramic photos in a snap. We rotate the phone and the application is taking screenshots commissioning for once the process (when we consider that we have finished making the panorama we just put the phone in a horizontal position) will be responsible for gathering screenshots available to take our photograph panoramic Best: user.. The worst: there is no possibility to choose the quality of the catch. 12. Phoenix MP3 Downloader We are now facing one of the most complete music resproductores we can find for Android, as it centralizes alarm, player, social app and music download tool. With a fairly complete catalog, Phoenix MP3 Downloader acts as in other cases we have to distribute to various applications.

In addition, as we will go using the same making a series of achievements that we will open other new features. Best: application all-in-one.. Worst: the issue of achievements may not convezca much 13. whatsapp MP3 Whatsapp MP3 is an application that will allow us to send WhatsApp (clear) all MP3 files that we want very easily, based on the above application MP3 Phoenix. Besides sending music from our SD card, we can also explore an extensive catalog of music in the cloud and send. The best: if you like sharing music with your friends this is your application.. The worst: no longer a standalone application Whatsapp 14. JustReader It is time for feed readers with JustReader.

This application can be one of the best in its field because besides being very thorough in functionality is concerned, is also notable for its simple yet elegant visual appearance. Best of JustReader is the possibility of setting ranging from fonts, sizes and themes to adjustments related to the behavior of the application itself. Very highly recommended .The best: the level of customization it offers. Worst: forgettable . 15. Eventbrite With Eventbrite not lose detail of events occurring around us, such as concerts, festivals and local events. Also gives us much everything related events either in the form of registration or ticket. Needless to say, this application has its social part since all our events we share with our friends and also see where they will go Best: notifications, QR codes for tickets. Worst: depends on where you live there may not be pointing their events organizers
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