Monday, September 9, 2013

How To Block A Phone Number With Mr. Number - Blocks Calls And Texts

Posted by Savita Sathe
Numerous of us are sicked of irritating phone calls from exes or telemarketers? Worry not. we have some amazing alternatives which will certainly show you the best ways to shut out get in touch with your smart phone. You will also learn the best ways to just turn around lookup for that number and record spam calls.

There is one application in Google play called Mr. Number makes it simple to shut out phone calls and contents, turn around lookup contact number and get even more info concerning United States companies that call your smart phone.

In its silent Features one can Block calls and texts from a single person, an area code or the entire world, Reverse lookup mobile and landline numbers, Business Caller ID provides information and deals, Stop telemarketers and financial obligation collectors prior to they waste your time
- Automatically intercept telephone calls and texts from private/unknown numbers, Report spam calls, SMS, and MMS to warn various other users

Block calls and contents from one number or the globe

Mr. Number is the most powerful phone call blocker and content blocker on the market. Block texts and calls from an individual, a company, a prefix, or the world. Pick up and hang up on some callers and send out others to voicemail - you decide. Keep the content of obstructed texts or trash them. Browse remarks from various other individuals when you get a spam call or text. Add 'Suspected Spam' to your blocklist and Mr. Number obstructs them all instantly.

Reverse Lookup offers you more info about who's calling

We've restored Reverse Lookup so you can get additional information regarding mobile numbers and land lines in the US. Turn around Lookup numbers that have called or texted you, or get in a number to see if we have a name to go with it. The very first 20 Lookups are cost-free; extra Lookups can be purchased via the application (20 for 99 cents).

Business Caller ID gives information and deals

When you get a call from a business line, Mr. Number does a complimentary Caller ID lookup to discover a name. If we understand that called, we'll show info about business, including any kind of deals they could have, their place and a connected to their web site. (You can also block your business from calling you with one get.).
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