Thursday, September 19, 2013

GagaPhone - Get DID / Virtual Numbers With Call Forwarding, Sip Termination

Posted by Savita Sathe
GagaPhone is one of the cheap VoIP calls provider in the whole world. They provide virtual phone numbers for most of the countries such as France, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and many more. This service is preferred by many of the companies and residences for making cheap international calls.

DIDs, call forwarding and outbound calling are some of the services offered by GagaPhone, out of their wide range of services. They often issue interesting pricing list of their products for their existing customers. Their recent specials on cheap VoIP calls are mentioned below:
  1. One free DID on opening an account: This offer is available in Toledo, USA, OH and many UK cities.
  2. DID for $1.95 per month: This offer is available in Toledo, USA, OH, UK, Bulgaria, Sofia, Zurich, South Africa, Cape Town, Israel, Switzerland and Jerusalem.
Some of the regular offers made by GagaPhone are mentioned below:
  • For virtual numbers or DIDs:
    • It starts from as low as $2.95 for each month.
    • Caller Id facility
    • Unlimited incoming calls
    • Connect to Asterisk, VoipSwitch or 3CX
    • BYOD also know as Bring Your Own Device
    • Customer support for 24X7
  • For calling card DIDs
    • It starts from $7.95 per channel for each month.
    • Unlimited incoming calls excluding the cap
    • You can avail the detailed call logs
  • For cheap international calls:
    • You just need to pay $0.02 per minute, no monthly fee, and no minimum charges.
    • Reduced noise distortion.
    • Much more clarity on calls
    • You only need to make one account for your mobile, work and home purposes
    • Available in more than 35 countries.
GagaPhone uses SIP (Session Internet Protocol) for VoIP. They offer the lowest retail price in the whole world for making any international calls. Open a GagaPhone account now to avail the best offer made by any VoIP services. The steps you need to follow to open an account with GagaPhone are as mentioned below:
  1. You need to have a verified Paypal account
  2. For photo ID proof you can provide print of your passport scanned to PDF or JPG format
  3. You need to provide a copy of your utility bills, such as phone, electri, water, scanned to PDF or JPG format
  4. You’ll need to download the GagaPhone account application form and fill it up.
  5. Email the documents to their support team.
  6. And then, wait for their responses. Also, ensure you have enough money in your account for them to clear the fees.
GagaPhone have their cheap VoIP calls reseller programs for those who want to get started with in VoIP industry. They will provide you with a perfect VoIP platform, where you’ll have to provide complete support to your customers.

If you want your customers to make cheap international calls, then it isbetter for your company to get proper support from GagaPhone services. Their facilities make them the best in the industry and that’s what really matters.
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