Saturday, October 12, 2013

SMS Text Messaging - PC Texting Apk

Posted by Savita Sathe
If you want to do Text message out of your Computer or Tablet, making use of your CURRENT Android telephone number.

  • Send & Receive SMS on your pc or tablet.
  • Instant Notices on computer/tablet when SMS hits phone.
  • 17,000 5-Star rankings
  • 100% Free (no additional charge out of your company - text free)
  • See who's calling your phone, and find out battery level -- on your pcOrpill
  • Sync/backup your photos & videos out of your phone
NEW! Group Texting (Group Texting)

NEW! SMS from Gmail on computer making use of your Android phone #

thirty seconds Setup Time

Send Picture Messages (MMS Texting) on PC. Backup MMS Text Texting

Messages stay synced w/ your phone's SMS mailbox

SMS Backup & Restore: Backup MMS & SMS Text Texting from the device

** Install this in your Android Phone (not Tablet) *

2 Simple Steps:

(1) Install this Android Application in your phone

(2) On your pc visit https://mightytext.internet/application

OR, To begin texting from tablet, first install this application in your phone, then install MightyText Tablet application in your Android tablet:

*NOTE* - MightyText transmits msgs via your phone, so that your company charges you just like you sent SMS out of your phone. We charges no additional fee (free SMS sync & Secure SMS backup). Save texts (SMS) & save picture messages (MMS).

Save Battery Existence: Saves battery - you are able to send SMS & Send MMS from tablet or PC,. Your phone's screen is off (this protects phone battery!). Saving your screen may be the ultimate battery saving idea. Visit a live battery indicator & battery widget on the pc.

Telephone Calls: See who's calling you, LIVE, on your pcOrpill. Call Logs are saved to exhibit skipped calls & incoming calls & outgoing calls.

Dialer system on Computer/Tablet: Live dialer system from computer application so that you can dial contacts in the computer (dialer system informs your phone to initiate the phone call)

Backup SMS & MMS: An excellent backup alternative we save SMS texts safely, just like a Dropbox for the SMS texts.

Video / Photo Sync: See photos & videos you are taking in your phone inside your MightyText account on your pc (not far off for MightyText tablet application). Much like Google  Hangout..

Phone's Contacts: Contacts plus photos out of your phone are sync'd so that you can see contact names

Emoticons/Emoji support

Text free (SMS) for those who have limitless texting. Text plus see who's contacting PC

Text now from gmail w/ our new Gtext chrome for gmail text texting

SMS Tool:SMS Filter coming wgad

MightyText's not the same as messsging applications for example bbm,messageme,viber,KakaoTalk, zlango, iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Nimbuzz because we sync directly w the SMS mailbox.

Avast can give an alert about our application because we send SMS in your account. You are able to securely use MightyText - we never send SMS in your account without you clearly striking send.

On PC we goal to utilize a plain and simple text UI like iMessage or BBM. Works over Wi-fi compatability/Mobile Data, or FoxFi. Examined w/ the next applications: textgram, foxfi,texting professional. Compatible w/: Chomp SMS, Pansi, GoSMS. M

T isn't an SMS bomber SMS bulk application.

Download SMS Text Messaging - PC Texting Apk
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