Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2 Ways To increase Your Wifi Signal For Better Internet Speed

Posted by Savita Sathe
Before proceeding to explain you how to increase your wifi signal you must keep few things in your mind.

1) What is your overall Internet speed?
If internet speed in 512 kbps and you want speed of 1 GB download, not possible.

2) How many devices you are using?
If you are using 5 device in the limited internet speed, you will get lesser wifi signals.

Now the Method to increase your Wifi signals.

Method One:

 1) You can use aluminum foil. This can reflect the wireless signals out of your router.

 2) Before beginning, see your Network and Discussing Center on your pc. Click on the title of the Wi-fi compatability. It ought to mention another window. Look at your speed/megabyte per second and note from the number that's displayed (I.E. 72.2 megabyte per second). After you have done that, tear off a sheet of foil that's around a big normal printing/copying paper (8.5 x 11 in.).

3) Curve the sheet of foil. If you wish to allow it to be simpler/faster, just wrap the sheet round the label section of any soda tin, and hold it there for around 5 seconds. Unwrap it and it ought to be curved.

 4) Put the curved sheet of foil on its side (where it's standing flat) behind your router.

 5) Return to your Network and Discussing Center. Look into the megabyte per second/speed. It ought to be quicker than the initial speed before you decide to placed the foil behind your router.

Method Two:

Place your Router to high place where you can get maximum speed to all the devices. Try to place it on Metalic cubbord, where you have lesser mirrors.
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