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5 Best Android Apps To Track Lost Android Phone

Posted by Savita Sathe
Here are 5 great Applications to secure or track your stolen or lost Android phones. Many times when you lose your android phone, take it easy stay awesome, take breather. Here we've got the how to track your lost Android phone or tablet. But observe that merely a couple of those could be installed after losing your phone. Mean while remaining Applications are only concerned with preventive steps, you'll want them before anything negative transpires with your phone. Come let’s begin search to obtain back your phone. Listed here are probably the most familiar Android applications to find your lost Android device.

Best Applications to Secure or Track Android Phones:

1. Where’s My Android (Free, 4$ for professional use):

Where’s My Android is quite good and purely free Application, it allows you to locate your lost/stolen device. Once your Android device gets lost, by delivering a code via text can make the unit ring. This Application may also get the Gps navigation location of the device if you're not close to your device to listen to the ring. There is also notices of altering sim or mobile number.
 Alternatively, in professional version you'll have the ability to remotely take control of your phone by hooking up to commander option.  Additionally, it enables to  take pictures with device camera, you might even see snapshot of perpetrator. Remote lock your device in order to save your private data out of your misuse.

2. Android device manager (Free):

Android Device Manager is made to any or all your Android cell phones also it lets you do anything whatsoever you would like in case your Gps navigation is triggered. This Application won’t track your device in case your Gps navigation is OF.First of all, visit web interface. Make certain that the system is associated with your Gmail account  you have already drenched in.

This Application instantly tracks your device. Securing your device is effective. By using this Application you may also set a brand new password out of your PC, securing out anybody to gain access to your phone.This Application also track the place involved 60 ft off. Make certain to setup all of the options before you decide to lose your device, to ensure that you should use the features provided by Android Device Manager.

Key Features:

    Track ones mobile phone through Gps navigation NAVIGATION.

    Wipe device’s memory remotely together with computer.

    Help make phone ring noisally even just in quiet mode.

    Remotely lock anybody from making use of your device.

3. Avast mobile security (free,2$ /mo for professional):

Key Features:

    Safeguard the unit from virus, spy ware and malwares.

    Find device using Gps navigation by way of your computer.

    Remotely  lock anyone being able to access your phone.

Professional Features:

    Secure certain applications from getting used.

    Remotely take photos of the crook once they attempts to unlock device (by back or front camera, with face recognition). May also record audio using voice recognition.

    Remotely transmits texts out of your mobile phone making use of your pc.

    Remotely get info using your device.
Wow! Wait, no. Avast! This offers are simply an exciting-in-one pack: It will not only program present anti-thievery additionally to mobile phone place services, yet it's an incredible plan regarding safeguarding your mobile phone from infections, adware and spyware and spy ware. It possibly has a firewall. For example software features layed out earlier pointed out, Avast includes remote lock, adware and spyware and spy ware. You may even put it on have the ability to remotely locate using Gps navigation. A great  feature it's is notification transmits for you when sim out of your system is transformed.

The Premium approaches with remotely securing applications, securing password after several wrong guesses, remote camera, remote SMS , remote File recovery. You'll want to put together the AVAST Mobile security because the device administrator.  Unless of course one enters a pin to see it, anti-thievery feature remains hidden to cover from other people.

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4. Prey anti-theft (Free):

Prey is 100% FREE and you'll safeguard as much as 3 products having a single account.When you log in Prey account you may be done the next.

Key Features:

    Remotely take control of your Android device online.

    Locate your device on map through geo-location using both Gps navigation and Wi-Fi triangulation.

    Remotely take pictures while using built-in back and front camera.

    Lock your device from others.Remotely triggers a noisy even when your phone is within quiet mode.

    Shows a customized alert message displayed.

    Gathers the network information your system is linked to (for exact identifying).

    Sim change recognition.Defense against uninstalls

Professional Account Features:

    Monitoring limitless quantity of products.

    Stores about 100 reviews in regards to a device.

    The majority of the details are shipped with SSL file encryption.

    Enables you to view whenever your products are  last checked in.

5. Look out Security & Anti-virus(Free):

Lookout Security & Anti-virus provides necessary protection for your device against adware and spyware, infections, thievery and loss.

Key Features:

    Creating  a backup of Google contacts.

    Download your contacts backup for your PC.

    Pin the place of the phone and rings with maximum volume - even when it's on quiet.

    Continuous defense against adware and spyware, infections, malware and spy ware.

    Instantly save your valuable device location once the battery is low.

    Have an email using the pictures and placement of anybody who makes its way into password improperly for five occasions.

    Enables safe browsing, blocks harmful Web addresses.

    Remotely lock your device, by delivering a custom message you are able to erase your private data.

That’s all for the time being. Hope that you want this publish. Should you also find every other Applications mention within the comments, tell us.
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