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eXtremeFax Login To Make 500 Faxes Free In 30 Days Trial

Posted by Savita Sathe

eXtremeFax Introduction And Login page Details

 eXtremeFax who is now RingCentral Fax, Login page can be now found on RingCentrl website. It was founded in 1999, through the RingCentral company.  Though on extremeFax Site there is link to login, but it is not working for some reason. Even today eXtremeFax utilises technology which was produced by RingCentral, together with IBM, Hewlett packard, Toshiba, Compaq, and Motorola.

You can see login page link (below arrow) on xtremefax site which is not working

EXtremeFax is actually fax-only little brother to RingCentral, a web-based company that gives not only online fax service but additionally completely functional, cloud-based business telephone systems. eXtremeFax is a fairly solution for your fax service, but you will obtain the awesome side-benefit of having the ability to get voicemails at the fax number (they’re e-mailed for you, just like an incoming fax could be). EXtremeFax also helps you save a bit on monthly plans when in comparison to RingCentral.

Fraxel treatments is greatly popular, and it has been utilized by 1000's of companies and countless customers in each and every corner from the globe.

Hence the login page on Ringcentral fax site will be the login for eXtremeFax as well.

Procedures and Functionality

eXtremeFax dubs their service to be simple, flexible and economical. Just like a number of other digital fax companies, the eXtremeFax service allows customers to transmit faxes via email. eXtremeFax may also provide you with whether local or toll-free number based on your need, although toll-free amounts have a $15 charge. eXtremeFax may also port an earlier fax number to your brand-new account if needed. Finally, eXtremeFax allows a person to transmit faxes to as numerous readers as needed.


  1.     Decent prices
  2.     Optional SMS alerts
  3.     24-hour customer care

  1.     I'd issues with the not compulsory Call Controller software
  2.     Short free trial
  3.     Can’t authorize extra customers

Prices and Packages

In relation to prices, eXtremeFax couldn’t make things a lot more straightforward. There is a solitary package that provides you 500 inbound and outgoing pages for any set control of $7.99 monthly. In a cost per page of under two cents, this is extremely competitive. Additionally, should you pay $80 in advance to have an annual subscription, it can save you 17% around the monthly charge spread over 12 several weeks. Additional pages over your limit cost ten cents per page. eXtremeFax also provides free trial offer periods of thirty days.

eXtremeFax Register and Costs

I appreciate that eXtremeFax’s prices plans are easy no sorting through many more pages of confusing options here. You can either pay $7.99/month for 500 free pages or $19.99 monthly for 1,200 free pages, having a discount on either plan should you invest in a complete year and services information (the reduced minute rates are $6.67 and $14.99/month, correspondingly). You may also add extra phone lines for your requirements, in the rate of $4.99/month each.

Overage charges are 6.7 cents/page for that less-costly plan and a pair of.9 cents/page for that more costly plan. Be cautioned, though, when you decide to go over your allotment of free pages the additional pages are bought within an automatic $20 block. To ensure that first overage page really costs $20, then your relaxation have the freedom until that $20 of credit expires.

Whenever you register with eXtremeFax you're, for those intents and reasons, registering for a simple RingCentral plan. That’s not necessarily a bad factor whatsoever and also the services are listed very half way decent, in order lengthy because the plan’s page quota meets your requirements and its not necessary to authorize extra customers to apply your account, eXtremeFax is really a win. Be sure that you test-drive the phone call Controller software throughout the free trial and make certain it really works much better of computer did for me personally, or simply intend on missing that part of the service entirely eXtremeFax continues to be a great deal with no desktop application.
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