Sunday, July 6, 2014

How To Clear Dropbox Cache in Mac, Windows And Linux?

Posted by Savita Sathe
Are you feeling you’re drained of hard disk space, or suspect that Dropbox takes up an inordinately great deal of disk space. Because it caches files in your hard disk whenever a file is remotely erased, sometimes lots of hard disk space may be used within the Dropbox cache - Sometimes 10 GB or even more! This is particularly an issue for those who have an earlier build or you have carried out lots of file syncing within the last couple of days (it’s a 3-day cycle of file removal). Should you not cash disk space, you might like to by hand take away the cache.

If you wish to obvious the Dropbox cache, keep something in your mind:

This can remove All you have cached. Which means that should you accidentally remove personal files and restore it on the internet interface, you'll have to wait although it downloads once again, that amounted to some time and bandwidth. The same thing goes should you upload personal files you'd formerly submitted.

If you are sure you need to proceed, the precise method will be different based on your OS.

Mac OS X

    Ensure you stop Dropbox before clearing the cache. This can be done by left-clicking recption menus icon on the Mac, and selecting “Exit” or “Quit”. Recption menus bar icon should vanish.

    Your cache is situated in /customers/you/.dropbox/cache and you may remove it by hand after some work.

    Use a cache cleaner program or widget designed particularly for Dropbox, known as “Dropbox Cache Cleaner Widget”. It may be found here. Combine it with your Dashboard (or stick to the installation instructions for that desktop version), and you might find just how much space has been used. A single click will obvious the cache for you personally.

There's a far more advanced way of customers acquainted with the Terminal. Make sure go into the command right, however, or you might remove all of your files!

    Open Terminal.

    Copy, or type, within this command:

rm ~/.dropbox/cache/*

    Press Enter.

    It might prompt for any password, based on the body setup.


Your cache is situated under ~you/.dropbox/cache and you ought to have the ability to remove it fairly easily by hand by moving there, choosing all files within the “cache” folder, and removing. You might begin using these instructions if you are confident with it:

rm -r ~/.dropbox/cache

mkdir ~/.dropbox/cache

This will remove and recreate a clear cache folder.

Restart Dropbox by moving to the position of the application and starting it, as well as your cache ought to be clean and able to go!


    Ensure you stop Dropbox before clearing the cache. This can be done by right-clicking the Dropbox icon in Home windows and selecting “Exit” or “Quit”. The machine tray icon should vanish.

    Your cache ought to be situated here: C:Documents and SettingsyouApplication DataDropboxcache and you may navigate here and remove the cache by hand. Should you can’t think it is here, try typing this in to the address of the file bar:


    Now, open the cache folder first. Press Control A to choose all files, and press Remove to remove all of the files within the cache folder agree the prompt. Empty your recycling bin and also the cache files will disappear.
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