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Download Blender For PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP)

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Blender is a professional program for animation and 3D modeling that has been used for various feature films. The software is very comprehensive and therefore becoming quite complex to use. Absolutely advanced.

With Blender you can create 3D animations, objects modeling, create animations for games and websites and so on. Read here more about the features of Blender. Since a picture says more than a thousand words
Blender is graphic animation software that has been devised

Professional 3D software is used increasingly in many areas. The freeware offers Blender 3D modeller, animation module and render engine in a package.
Model and render 3D objects
Blender supports both curves and Poligonnetzen also known as NURBS and metaballs - 3D objects that mimic the look and behavior of mercury. With Blender user created thanks to the morphing tools keyframe animations. He exported finished rendered images as needed as TGA, JPG, SGI, Iris and IFF files. Moreover Blender keeps a useful 3D Visor with rotoscoping and generates desired particle systems and skeletons. Extensive selection tools and rendering only for selected excerpts round out the free 3D program.

Complex surface
The surface of Blender is complex and not very beginner friendly. A longer training period is usually a prerequisite in order to fully exploit the possibilities of the program.
Conclusion: Professional Application for high-quality 3D graphics
The surprising professional freeware impressed with a huge range of functions and high image quality. Blender is ideal for less experienced users who do not want to spend the same hair-raising totals for a professional 3D software.

Anyone who wants to get a whiff in the exciting world of 3D animation, this can do with this free software in an impressive manner. In version 2.x family can perform new transformations that represent expanded views and process numerical inputs flexible. In current version 2.7x version , among other improvements to the motion tracker and the modeling functions have been made. There are now "Volume Rendering" for lighting effects and better opportunities for game development

Blender is a 3D modeling and animation tool that is available free on the Internet and on Linux, Windows and OSX (Apple) running.

"The Blender Book" is a compact and easily comprehensible introduction to the program and in the creation of three-dimensional scenes and animations for websites and video productions.
After a guided tour through the program and its controls, the reader learns in clear tutorials the many possibilities of Blender know and use.

Features Of Blender

Modeling with polygons, curves and surfaces
Material and texture
physical animation (smoke, fire, materials, liquids)
3D text and 3D Logos
Animation using keyframes, paths and particles
Skeletal animation and inverse kinematics
Integration of 3D objects in videos
Python as a scripting language
Cyles Render Engine

System Requirement Of Blender

License: Open source
Language: English
Suitable for: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Mac OS X
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