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Download Comodo Dragon For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

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With the browser "Comodo Dragon" you surf much safer through the Web. Externally, the program reminds of Google Chrome ; no wonder both web browser based on the same code.

Particularly with regard to the
problem to privacy, based on the safety experts to
Comodo security measures were really better. Additionally incorrect SSL certificates)

 another Webspione be recognized and effectively blocked.

The only drawback: As the security features are implemented exactly, remains Comodo's secret. A look at the manufacturer's site and in the security options of your browser also bring no light into the darkness.

Developed on the basis of the Google Chrome web browser, characterized by high speed and stability, as well as much greater than the product of Mountain View, attention to safety and protection of privacy.

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser like Google's browser uses the WebKit rendering engine, offers a browsing feature in dynamic tabs, where the suspension of one does not cause 
to another, as well as incognito form, which may not include
any information about the user visited the web pages. Additionally, the company Comodo enriched browser technology domain name recognition, recognition of various forms of SSL
certificates and protection against theft of confidential data.

If you use the internet and likes to keep a certain regularity in the monitoring of technological innovations - whether they refer to the same software or even hardware - must have already experienced Google Chrome. The lightweight browser interface reduced, is one of the most beloved of today, fighting for space with Mozilla Firefox.

So if you're a new fan of Google Chrome, you must also know that he too is an open source software, ie, is open source. This makes anyone interested in developing something from Chrome or Chrome can do it without the slightest problem. Understand that this also helps to develop without authorization from Google to do so.

Comodo Dragon was created by the same developer of firewalls and antivirus who have been among the Web Browser. Once the download is finished and installed Comodo Dragon, you notice it is very similar to Google Chrome.

Of course, appearance is very similar. Tabs at the top of the window, and toolbar buttons. All this is very reminiscent of the browser Internet giant. However, something is very different: the icons and the window color make the Comodo Dragon virtually special. However, the routing program, or even the engine
is identical to Chrome. Based on the WebKit renderer pages, both browsers work the same way.

By now, you should already be wondering what is the advantage of having the Comodo when you can use Chrome. The answer is quite simple: security. While most browsers offer only some antiphishing filters and other measures
associated with protection, Comodo works together with another concentrate

A pretty clear that their security while browsing is the flagship example of this browser is the fact he has specialized filters in segregating SSL certificates to know what is the level of security offered by the domain that will be accessed. Moreover, all those cookies are somewhat suspicious.

Features Of Comodo Dragon:

  • Browser: Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is primarily a web browser. It allows you to access World Wide Web. It is, as any browser worthy that name composed of a rendering engine, a user interface and can also be extended with plug-ins.
  • Improvement: It is based on Chromium which is a free web browser Comodo Dragon Internet Browser was designed to improve the previous version.. The improvements were mainly focused around the protection of privacy, speed and security.
  • Practice: what is right with this browser is that it has automatic functions such as blocking pop-ups and pop-ups during the sailing mode "incognito" and the use of RAM and stabilization. 

Technical Details Of Comodo Dragon:

  • Full Name Of Software: Comodo Dragon 
  • File size: 46.86 MB
  • Version: 1.636 
  • Suitable For: Windows XP, 7, 8.

System Requirement Of Comodo Dragon :

  • Operating systems: Windows XP, 7, 8. 
  • Required disk space: 256 MB 
  • Ram: 512MB
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad q9300

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