Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tiny Flashlight + LED APK Download For Android (2.3 And up)

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Totally free flashlight application for the your gadget! Extremely simple and extremely helpful. Uses ones device's camera Light-emitting Diode / blink / display screen as light.

 Bright torch / flashlight setting while using the device Light-emitting Diode. (LED)
 Awesome and various display screen lights.Widget with various designs to select from (such as secure display screen widget). Torch begins straight with no introducing small Flashlight.Strobe / flashing work using flexible on/off intervalsMorse code function having a textual content in order to Morse rule function.Accessibility supportBeautiful design and easy controls.Small storage footmark, lower battery as well as Central Processing Unit expenditure. Extremely fine tuned. Better device torch LED Light - utilizes ones mobile phone's flash. Keep in mind that many equipment don't have camera led. In this situation their led flashlight choice will likely be handicapped.

Display screen Light - This is actually the plain whitened display screen, that is brilliant sufficient for the day-to-day usage. You can utilize it ones biggest flashlight alternative whenever your device does not have the LED torch or else you need to save lots of many battery. Alert lighting, Police, colors, Strobe, Morse Code, textual content towards Morse - another lighter resources, that might be beneficial in numerous circumstances. Sparkling sufficient. You'll replace the the brightness level and also the colors.

The greatest torch application when you really need dependability as well as functionality.

Features For Tiny Flashlight+ LED:

The application size is kept very small – important for low-end devices

 Users can choose what they need – ex. Strobe light, Morse code, integration with tools like Tasker, different widgets, etc.

 Reduction of required permissions. Tiny Flashlight’s permissions are stripped down to the bare minimum and if a given feature requires an additional permission, this permission will be added to a plugin. The user can decide whether to install the plugin and allow the permission or not.

 The plugins are treated like normal applications by Android and Google Play, which gives full control to the OS. For example, Tiny Flashlight v5.0 supports restricted OS accounts on tablets – a user can choose which plugin to allow/disallow in a restricted account

Technical Details For Tiny Flashlights+ LED:

Full Name Of Software: Tiny Flashlight + LED
Size: 1.0MB
Current Version: 5.1.4
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
License: Free
Developer: Nikolay Ananiev

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